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Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Programs


Ages 3 to 5 years old

Full time days 2, 3,4 or 5 full days offered

Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten program is based on The Creative Curriculum for Preschool, by Teaching Strategies Inc. The program incorporates 38 objectives for development and learning that are predictors of school success and tied to state early learning standards. Teachers create lesson plans to include a variety of activities and experiences to help every child progress socially, emotional, intellectually and physically while building their self esteem.
Our daily schedule will offer activities in Science, Language arts and Literature, Art, Music, Dramatic play, Cognitive activities to include math, reading, and writing.
Happy Kindergarten Kids - Preschool Teaching Services in Quincy, MA
Our Pre-Kindergarten program prepares children so they are ready for kindergarten. Teachers use assessments to evaluate the child's progress and needs. Each child receives individualized attention to help them progress in all areas of our program. Teachers will meet with parents at parent conference time which is held twice per year and their child's developmental progress will be discussed. This has always been a great night for parents and teachers. A light dinner is provided.
A typical preschool day will include

Free Play: is generally offered during the early morning and late afternoon periods. Free play is learning through play. It gives the child the opportunity needed to exchange ideas, to participate in child directed groups, to play with things they have made, to investigate and explore the materials around them, and to engage in special areas that interest the child.

Snack Time:
The Center provides a nutritious snack and juice/milk in the morning and in the afternoon.

Lunch: Parents provide a lunch.

Meeting: The children and teachers gather together to discuss the day's activities. This time also includes weather, songs and finger plays, calendar, and movement. Each day a few children are also assigned tasks (washes the table, get a book) that help the children to recognize their importance and provide an opportunity to have responsibility.

Play Learn - Preschool Teaching Services in Quincy, MA
Small Group Activities: Manipulative, special projects, letter of the week, crafts, and creative arts are all a part of small group time. The children participate in teacher directed activities. Many of these activities include theme, holiday, and seasonal projects. These activities are important in the development of fine motor skills, and being able to follow simple directions.

Nap Time: Children rest on our individual mats/cots with a blanket and crib size sheet provided from home.

Outside Time: Teachers will provide both small and large muscle activities for playground time. This time also provides an opportunity for children to interact with others. Our playground is filled with equipment for all ages. A big climber, play house, sand box, water play, chalk board, crawl through tunnels, shade structure, lots of toys and is fenced in with gated entry.

Quiet Time: During this time, the children relax and listen to stories or may enjoy picking a book from the book corner to look at alone.

Corn Flakes - Preschool Teaching Services in Quincy, MA
Breakfast: Children may bring breakfast from home and eat at the center between 7:00am and 7:45am. Breakfast is over at 8:00am. Parents need to serve food that is already prepared, in containers.
Snack Time - Preschool Teaching Services in Quincy, MA
Snacks: Our center provides a nutritious snack every morning and afternoon. We will provide a drink (juice/milk) with snack.
Lunch Box - Preschool Teaching Services in Quincy, MA
Lunch: Parents bring their child's lunch in a labeled lunch box with labeled containers of food or bags. We will provide a drink or you may send one.

It is our responsibility to assure children receive nutritious meals, so please send a lunch that is balanced and healthy. Fruits, vegetables, bread/grain servings, and protein servings should be included in your child's lunch daily. Please keep sweets small if you intend to include them in lunch.